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Every pet owner, whether knowledgable about animal behavior or not, at some time has a problem with dog or cat behavior; the first usually centers on dog training, often followed or accompanied by unwanted habits like barking, biting or scratching which are a normal part of canine and feline behavioral development.

All Products are Veterinarian tested, Approved, Humane, and Safe!
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Repel Bears and Wild Animals
Critter GitterNEW PRODUCT

The Critter Gitter

Keeps wild or domestic animals away from people or property. It has been successfully used to control wild Bear, Deer, Skunks, Moose, Raccoons, Wolves and most animals that have been known to destroy lawns and gardens. This product controls Bear, Deer and many other animals without expensive and unsightly fencing. Critter Gitter is also very effective for keeping Bears away from Bee Hives and protecting Koi ponds... Read More.

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Amtek has developed several unique and extraordinary pet supply products that can make pet training and behavior modification of your canines, felines and other pets a simple and stress free process that does not involve any harmful or aggressive techniques.

Stop dogs from barking with Amtek's Barker Breaker® products. Protect your chairs, couches and other furniture from your cats and cat scratching without smelly sprays or harmful declawing. Amtek's Scraminal® will keep pets out of certain rooms, off furniture and protect any designated area.

Amtek has also developed several amazing products that can keep wild animals away from your home, and keep your own pets away from gardens or vegetables. Amtek's Critter Gitter® keeps both wild and domestic animals away from people or property. It has been used to control wild deer, bear, skunks, raccoons, wolves and most animals.

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  Barker Breaker BARKER BREAKER®
Models: The Original, Sure Stop, Super, Mini, & Good Neighbor. All NO SHOCK. Control unwanted behavior.

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  Barker Breaker CRITTER GITTER®
Keep wild or domestic animals away from persons, public areas, or property. NO SHOCK.

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  Barker Breaker SCRAMINAL®
Indoor perimeter control.

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Stop your neighbor's dog from barking.

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