Critter Gitter: The Ultimate Animal Repellent

By: James J. Chelsea

Date: April 18, 2017

Recently, an Arkansas man was fined $100,000 for killing 10 wild pigs because he stated were eating and destroying his cornfield which is his livelihood.


Unfortunately, the farmer could have avoided this by using high-quality useful tool like animal repellent.


Farmers, gardeners and homeowners should prevent unwanted animal guests by purchasing animal repellent like the Critter Gitter. (Add recommended)


After being placed in the ground or tree; Critter Gitter uses a precise motion detector, along with a body-heat detector, to determine when a domestic or wild animal has approached.


When an animal is in the vicinity, Critter Gitter activates a humane defense system consisting of a high-pitched sound and flashing red lights. The nearby animal(s) will then move elsewhere, the Critter Gitter will reset and continue scanning for other intruders, and the land will remain untouched. 

Critter Gitter is used by customers to help their areas of land from being tampered without harming any animals and to keep out numerous domestic animals like wild deer, bears, skunks, wolves, coyotes, birds and raccoons, etc.


Each time it’s triggered, Critter Gitter composite lens can detect motion and body-heat signatures up to 40 feet away.


A self-powered by a nine-volt battery included with each unit. 

Don’t stress out over animal intruders or end up like the aforementioned Arkansas man.

Purchase Critter Gitter today!