Critter Gitter
Keeps wild or domestic animals away from people or property. This animal repellent has been successfully used to control wild Bear, Deer, Skunks, Moose, Raccoons, Wolves, Coyotes and most animals that have been known to destroy lawns and gardens.

The Critter Gitter can also be used as a bird deterrent when laid on its back to keep orchards, fruit crops, and farms safe and healthy.


You can also place the Critter Gitter in a koi fish pond to deter birds from eating your beautiful fish. There are many uses for the Critter Gitter, buy one today and see for yourself!

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I ordered the critter gitter to scare off the deer and raccoons from my vegetable garden, specifically the corn.
After I installed it, the damage stopped. Wish I had found this product earlier on in the season.
By S. Milleron

Used/Recommended By:

  • New Hampshire Fish & Game

  • Vermont Forests Parks & Recreation

  • City of Juneau Alaska

  • United States Department of Agriculture - Wildlife Biology

  • New York State Department of Envirinmental Conservation

  • Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

  • US National Park Service

  • United States Geological Survey

  • Food Standards Agency United Kingdom

  • Alaska Department of Fish & Game

  • Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

  • North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

  • Florida Wildlife Commission

  • Oregon State Department of Fish & Wildlife



Used for indoor perimetercontrol and automatically emits an audible sound. This device does not shock pet. Ideal to train cats to stay off counter tops or other areas.

Super Good Neighbor Barker Breaker 

will automatically stop dog barking while you are away. Our new push button activation will allow you to train your pet while at home without the use of shock treatment. 


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