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Critter Gitter

Amtek's Critter Gitter® keeps both wild and domestic animals away from people and property. The Critter Gitter uses heat and motion detectors to sense animals as they approach a protected area. The Critter Gitter uses high-pitched sounds and bright flashing lights to deter animal intruders, then it resets to prepare for the next intrustion. 


Proven effective on bears, wolves, deer, skunks, raccoons, dogs and cats.


  • Horn emits 120-decibel sound for approximately 5 seconds.

  • A different sound is generated each time unit is tripped

  • Two High-Intensity Lights (simulating eyes) flash Red during alarm cycle

  • Composite Lens detects body heat and motion within a 90 Degree radius and up to 40 Feet away

  • 8 Detection Zones Horizontally, and 4 Detection Zones Down, to include area directly below the unit

  • Self-powered by standard 9V battery (Included)

For Best Results: Mount 30 inches from ground to center of lens. Use beam label to detect motion (approx 4 ft wide and up to 50 long). CG detection pattern is 45 degree (Triangular) with up to 50 ft. range.

Enhancer strobe for critter gitter


Powerful Remote Strobe: When plugged into Critter Gitter it doubles the High-Pitched Sound and Flashing Strobe Effect and has a 12 Foot (extendable) Cord.

(Not Included) 

AC Power Supply for Critter Gitter

AC Power Supply Unit

Used for operating Critter Gitter in situations where battery life is exceeded and constant power to the unit is necessary.

(Not Included) 

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