We were camped in our patio boat for the night on Lake Shasta. Since I am afraid of bears, we set up our Critter Gitter. We placed it on a stake, in the dirt, on the right side of the boat facing North. We slept in the front of the boat with all the canvas closed. Around 2 AM, the Critter Gitter went off. It was loud. We quickly opened up the canvas and saw the rear end of a large bear racing up the hill. Needless to say, he didn’t come back. When the sun came up, we followed his tracks. He must have bumped into the Critter Gitter as it was facing North and he came up from the South. It was after that adventure that we got another Critter Gitter so we were secure in  both directions. We could sleep worry free under the protection of the Critter 


- George and Loretta H




I received your “Critter Gitters” as a gift last Christmas. My son and daughter in law felt badly for me because every year,I take great pains to plant and nurture a vegetable garden. Every year,the garden is savaged by deer, rabbits and other small animals.

I mounted the “Critter Gitters” as specified in the instructions. I must admit at first, I wasn’t sure if they were going to work. After a few weeks, I noticed that none of my vegetables had been touched! The high pitched squeal that sounds when an animal approaches has become music to my ears.

It’s nice to see a company deliver what they promise. Thanks for the best garden that I have had in ten years!


Sam N.

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I have an apiary near Barriere, British Columbia. In early July, I purchased a Critter Gitter, as we needed protection for the apiary from the bears. As we also have a camping area near the hives, we were reluctant to install an electric fence. My property is minutes away from one of the largest grizzly bear conservation areas in B.C. and we also have a healthy black and brown bear population. Not an ideal place to operate bee hives, but I really wanted to try and produce some forest honey (a blend from forest plants to produce a totally different taste). July was great but very dry. We only had one morning of rain on July 2nd. The berry crop was really poor this year and the bears started to move down into the valleys in search of food. Across the lake from us, hardly a day went by that we didn’t hear the air horns warning of bears in the area. August 1st we were evacuated on short notice due to the Barriere fire, which even now is not extinguished and nearly took the town (over 100 square miles). The whole area was evacuated and I had to leave the bee hives unprotected, and was not allowed back into the area for two weeks!

Upon my return, I fully expected to see the smashed remains of my bee hives, as there were no occupants on the lake for two weeks. I expected to see a lot of damage from the animals. When I drove up, I saw my hives, still standing as I had left them. Forgetting about the Critter Gitter, I hurried over to inspect the damage…Wow, that woke me up! The siren wailed and my first reaction was to get out of there! The hives were untouched, even though bears were foraging right across the street. I harvested a great crop of forest honey that is very popular and selling fast! My thanks for your product, next year I want to add a strobe horn, as I plan on adding more hives. - Al B., Barriere Bees

The Wolves and Horses



I have just returned from an expedition in Mongolia where we used your "Critter Gitter" to keep wolves away from our horses at night. It was most successful. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

- Col. John B., The Explorers Club