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Forest Scene

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  • New Hampshire Fish & Game

  • Vermont Forests Parks & Recreation

  • City of Juneau Alaska

  • United States Department of Agriculture - Wildlife Biology

  • New York State Department of Envirinmental Conservation

  • Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

  • US National Park Service

  • United States Geological Survey

  • Food Standards Agency United Kingdom

  • Alaska Department of Fish & Game

  • Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

  • North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

  • Florida Wildlife Commission

  • Oregon State Department of Fish & Wildlife

Organic Home Garden




I received your “Critter Gitters” as a gift last Christmas. My son and daughter in law felt badly for me because every year,I take great pains to plant and nurture a vegetable garden. Every year,the garden is savaged by deer, rabbits and other small animals.

I mounted the “Critter Gitters” as specified in the instructions. I must admit at first, I wasn’t sure if they were going to work. After a few weeks, I noticed that none of my vegetables had been touched! The high pitched squeal that sounds when an animal approaches has become music to my ears.

It’s nice to see a company deliver what they promise. Thanks for the best garden that I have had in ten years!


Sam N.

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